Welcome to TSD Company

TSD Ltd is a general trading company that aims to provide its customers with the best solution for their trade and industry. Based on your requirements and demands, we commit to handle business using our wide panel of services considering time, distance and speed of delivery to the fields of your organization. We provide construction, electrical materials, mechanical and chemical products for various services to meet your requirements serving vast network of businesses across a variety of segments.


What we Do !

offers engineering and construction solutions for high-end technology implementation at clients’ site or implementation of new technology whether it is temporary or permanent facilities as well as temporary camp options including tents, containerized housing units, and pre-fabricated constructions.

Our Clients

TSD is a privileged option in Iraq for IAP, a global-scale to support to a wide variety of industries in the US.

TSD has been a great and reliable solution for their capacity to provide support in austere and remote environments. 




Our long-term goal 

is to achieve a reputation based on quality, service & reliability in the ICT industry. To achieve that, we rely on our ability to solve problems quickly and effectively. Our key operators are prepared to meet the challenges of our environment.


is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction by providing them with the best solution for them based on their requirements. We place a lot of emphasis on delivering top quality products, tailored services at an affordable cost. 

Our ambition 

is to become an entity in technology-based corporate solutions, with the ability of demanding unconditional response from the targeted niche. We are also confident that for our scope of improvisation – there is a huge potential for growth, and we are on our way to reach new heights. TSD has experienced continuous growth since its creation and we are striving to keep this current trend going.


Our keys to development:

We have:

v  Dedicated Customer Care Representatives committed to answering your questions and giving you the peace of mind, you need to focus on your business.

v  Data Warehouse that provides customized reports to help you make the right supply decisions.

v  National and multi-unit account programs provide flexible, customized solutions that meet the needs of both the corporate office and the individual units.

•          Strive for Excellence:

Our strategy is to identify and anticipate the reality of the market so that we can work as fast as possible and in the most effective manner.


•          Trust and confidence build-up:

 We firmly believe that mutual benefits can only be achieved if both parties’ commitment is resolute. TSD is committed to come up with the best answer to your needs and requirements.




•          Innovation:

 Over the years, TSD has shown its professionalism by adapting to the trends and the market. Through our services, we are looking to deliver a modernized solution to better help our client meet their needs and optimize their potential.


•          Transparency:

 We are committed to plan out our operations based on our client’s demands while remaining flexible and identifying potential issues


•          Teamwork: 

TSD employs a network of highly qualified people from various background to better tackle the challenges we meet during our operations.